Ethical Considerations

Environmental Impact

Our shirts are made through a company called OGO, a drop-shipping company based in Australia.

To reduce the environmental impact of our shirts they are printed on demand, this means shirts are not produced until an order is made.
This method reduces wasted materials as we are not buying them in bulk and only use them when they are required.

Secondly we are using a printing process called DTG (Direct to Garment).
By printing them this way we are reducing the chemicals used in more traditional methods such as screen printing.

Lastly, our shirts are all made of organic cotton, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the shirt production and avoid using harmful chemicals/synthetic materials.


Ethical Manufacturing

The company that produces our shirts AS Colour, have made it their responsibility to ensure their work environments are safe for the employees and a fair wage is provided for the work.

For more information about the Environmental impact and ethical considerations of our range check out the link below to AS Colours official Factory page.